RP stands for Restorative Practices - which adapts the philosophy of Restorative Justice especially for use in schools.
"Restorative justice is not simply a way of reforming the criminal justice system, it is a way of transforming our entire legal system, our family lives, our conduct in the workplace, our practice of politics. Its vision is of a holistic change in the way we do justice in the world." - Braithwaite, J. (2002). Restorative Justice and Responsive Regulation. New York: Oxford Publishing.

Restorative Practices is an approach to discipline and relationship management that can transform the climate of a school and strengthen relationships between students, and between teachers and students, laying the foundation for improved academic and personal outcomes in education. 

This RPforSchools site was established by a secondary school teacher, restorative practitioner and trainer from Brisbane, Australia. On the site you will find links to important websites, articles, books and videos on Restorative Practices in the School setting, as well some of my own papers, articles and Conference presentations.

We hope that having these links all in one place will prove helpful to busy people in schools who wish to know more about Restorative Practices. If you have, or know of, some resource that is not here - but that you think might be of interest to others, please let us know. We can then add it to this site. Please send any comments or inquiries here.  

PictureInterested in RP for your school?
I have put together some advice that I hope would be useful for people interested in beginning with RP in their school.
  For a copy, just click here.